Vast sums have gone missing. Why?

The enduring problem for investors like you is that most investment funds are simply not good enough.  Does that sound familiar?

In search of a solution for you, Brian Dennehy tackles this mystery head-on.

Who knew about these huge losses?  Why was there no outcry? If it wasn’t an accident it feels like robbery. The weight of evidence – piled up over decades – is that investors like you were being badly served.  Over to Brian:

“I am going to take you on a journey to understand this mystery – because that is the antidote to you avoiding viral losses.

As the book progresses you will see remarkable evidence, vividly illustrating how you can make extraordinary profits from ordinary investment funds consistently.

By the end of Clueless, I will provide you with a highly practical blueprint to put you on the road to success.  If you use it consistently, this blueprint can genuinely transform your life.”

​​​​​​It doesn’t matter whether you are a multi-millionaire or a novice, this best seller will not disappoint you.

Supported by ground-breaking research more than 10 years in the making, Brian Dennehy tackles head on the enduring problem for investors in funds: that most funds are simply not good enough. And, excitingly, he presents compelling and straightforward solutions.

The extensive evidence he reveals in this book vividly illustrates that you can make extraordinary profits with ordinary funds… and achieve results that will undoubtedly transform the lives of some investors:

  • The first half is an entertaining sweep across four centuries that helps explain how we got into this mess, and uncovers many clues to the solution.
  • The second half sets out, in engaging detail, the formula for your success, ending with a highly practical blueprint for you to start using today.
  • To ensure the book remains relevant there are also links to free online down loads which are continually updated, providing the reader with all the ingredients for success for many years to come.

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