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    “Most investors (whether in funds or otherwise) don’t apply a well-founded winning formula.  Brian provides just this, with detailed evidence of success versus the likes of Buffett and Woodford.  Even more importantly, he lays out a clear process to help investors understand and overcome their biggest problems – themselves and their emotions.  Brian is a highly respected industry veteran and on numerous occasions I have recommended both family and friends to him when financial wisdom is needed.  Essential and very readable, I highly recommend this book”

    Mark Shipman is the author of three international best sellers, including Big Money, Little Effort and The Next Big Investment Boom, all of which have been translated into numerous foreign languages.  Mark has made a personal fortune from backing his own judgment with his own money.



    “Today’s investor faces an uphill road. There is next to no financial education in our schools and colleges, and the financial media can often be guaranteed to mistake the wood for the trees. The fund management industry is itself often complicit in all this confusion. In ‘Clueless’, Brian Dennehy offers a helping hand up that road, helping the do-it-yourself investor – or his or her adviser – to cut through an often impenetrable jungle of investment jargon toward a destination of clearer and better investment outcomes. Offering a whistlestop tour of investment theory and current fund management practice, this is a clear, concise and extremely helpful contribution to investor education for all. Highly recommended, especially for the do-it-yourself investor”

    Tim Price is a fund manager and author of Investing Through the Looking Glass – (www.harriman-house.com/investing-through-the-looking-glass) He has worked in the capital markets for 25 years.  A graduate of Christ Church, Oxford, he spent a decade as a bond specialist before going on to serve as Chief Investment Officer at three separate wealth management firms.


    “Brian Dennehy is a passionate commentator on investment. To advise his clients on how they should save he creatively blends theory, evidence and experience. In this compact and light-hearted volume, Brian shares many insights from his long career as a financial advisor”

    Professor Elroy Dimson, Cambridge Judge Business School, co-author of Triumph of the Optimists (https://press.princeton.edu/titles/7239.html)



    Investor Reviews

    “Clueless” is completely clued up”

    An excellent, intensely readable and astonishing book. Who would have thought asset managers could do better by doing nothing? And goalies would save more penalties by NOT diving.

    Backed up by figures over many years, the author shows all too clearly how markets are governed by the irrationalities of greed and fear. And that you don’t have to have to be a genius to get better returns than a dodgy investment banker.

    My only reservation is that the author, instead of continuing to do better than most at financial advice, will tell his clients that now this book is available, they are on their own and should manage their own assets!

    If he does, they should be OK.

    Dougie Webber



    Key lessons

    As a client of DWC for many years, and nurtured from a investment novice with a zero portfolio to a more confident investor with a nicely growing portfolio, this publication encompasses all the key lessons offered philanthropically by the DWC organisation for which I am eternally grateful, and which I vow to pass on to family and friends, where applicable.

    Ray Jacobs



    Details a clear winning process

    As a DIY investor my problem has been the lack of a clear process for identifying winning funds. The book provided answers and a simple to do system to select the funds to buy and perhaps more importantly, when to sell them.

    This alone made the book a must read for me, however it goes further considering the mental approach needed and goes on to show how to construct a detailed plan to manage difficult market conditions which are sure to be met sooner or later.

    Well worth buying.

    John Tomlinson



    Great Read

    Gripping from beginning to end with so much information and history too. I will definitely change the way I look at investing now. There is a really easy step by step reminder in the last chapter to keep you on the right track! No more lazy investing for me!




    Can highly recommend!

    very well written book by Brian Dennehy about the investment funds industry. He not only explains how it really works but more importantly what the solution is to be a successful investor. Can highly recommend!

    Amanda Borowiak



    Great Book

    Great book nice and straight to the point with evidence backed strategies, and also examples of what would of happened in bad markets if you had taking the suggested method of fund investing.

    Would recommend anyone interested in investing who is trying to gain knowledge.